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The Best Skincare Routine For An Acne Sufferer

Have a good skincare routine is imperative if you are going to reduce your acne breakouts and have glowing skin. If you think the Hollywood celebrities just wake up every morning and have perfectly glowing skin, you would be sorely mistaken. In fact if you were to ever stumble into their bathroom you would be sure to find that they would have a myriad of creams and lotions lining their bathroom cabinet drawers. Using the wrong skincare routine or products can actually exacerbate your acne breakouts and may unduly cause unnecessary suffering. So if you are looking to find a good skincare routine that will help reduce your acne breakout you need to first figure out what skin type you have. You either fall into the category of dry, oily or a combination of the two skin types.

And determining which one you fall into can be hugely advantageous in determining the best skincare routine for you. Once you have worked out your skin type you then need to purchase products that would be best suited to your skin type. The general skin regiment to follow is to use a good cleansing product that is gentle on the face. You don't want to purchase any cleansing product that is abrasive or has micro beads that could irritate the skin. The product marked gentle cleansers are your best bet.

You will then need to pick out a good toner and moisturizer. With the moisturizer, if you have oily skin you will want to purchase one that is either oil free or marked for oily skin types. During your daily face cleansing routine you will want to use warm or tepid water. You want to avoid hot or cold extremes when rinsing your face as this could cause unnecessary dryness and irritation. With your face cleaning routine you will want to do this twice daily.

Any more frequent then this and you may be doing yourself more harm than good as this could lead to dryness of the skin and irritation which are often the cause of acne breakouts. Gentle cleansing is the keyword so scrubs and sponges for the rest of your body. Now that your face is cleansed its time to apply the toner.

Mild toners are great to provide that cleansed feeling and help to close the pores. Take into consideration that most toners are not strong enough to clean makeup residue so if you do have traces of makeup still on you will want to have that cleaned before applying your toner. Now it's time to apply your moisturizer.

Be sure to apply a good sunscreen on if you are going to be spending time outside. If you keep to this routine daily then the incidence of acne breakouts will be greatly reduced.

For more information and resources on the best acne skincare treatments visit: http://www.acneskincaretreatments.com/

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