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Latest News on Breast Implants

There have been several recent reports and within these findings there has been one specific observation that most implant surgeons will choose to follow. It is with respect to synthetic breast implants and the texture of the silicone implant. Most breast enlargements are performed for cosmetic reasons, the US and UK markets estimate the ratio is 80% cosmetic and 20% reconstruction after varying operational procedures; one such operation is cancer removal.

Breast implants can be made of natural body tissue or synthetic (man-made) materials. There are two popular choices of insertion; one is of a silicone bag (prosthesis) under the breast (submammary) or under the breast and chest muscle (subpectoral). This prosthesis expands the breast area to give a fuller breast (increased cup size), give a better contour, and give more cleavage. Natural Tissue implants are for those who need reconstruction surgery, as opposed to the Synthetic Breast Implant.

Natural Tissue Implants are aided by taking tissue from either the back or stomach and then moulded to suit the need. The Synthetic however is a firm silicone shell, with more and more offering the textured surface to lessen the risk of hardening, deforming and rejection. There are several new forms of silicone implants.

There are those that consider the new forms of a jelly like silicone as opposed to the original styles of the fluid silicone; often just salt-water. There has been much speculation recently about the occasional wrinkle caused by the firmer silicone implant. So the jelly like and saline implants are most preferred. In 1998, the UK government commissioned an Independent Review Group to look at the available evidence about the risks of silicone breast implants and publish a report based on its findings. The group found no evidence that silicone implants pose a risk to women.

The purpose of the jelly and salt-water is because of their likeness to the normal breast tissue feel. As with all implants the result is of the supreme importance. The surgeon will suggest what type and what type would be suitable. Although. There are an increasing quantity seeking other choices.

The eventual size of the breast is mainly a personal decision by the patient. Cup size is an inexact estimate of the final size since cup sizes vary with the bra manufacturer and how tight or loose the patient wears her bra as well as how much breast tissue is already present. Describing the preferred cup size does aid the surgeon, but it also helps to look at pictures or photos to show the physician the needed final look. You may not be able to have breast implant surgery if: 1. you are under 18 years old, 2. you are pregnant, 3.

you are breastfeeding, 4. you have malignant or pre-malignant breast cancer that has not been fully treated, or 5. you have an active infection anywhere in your body. To conclude our brief study, it is clear most breast implants are performed to make the breasts larger. However, implants can also be used to make drooping breasts firmer and to even out unequal size or unevenly shaped breasts. Yet there is no specific medical advantage of breast implants, they can have great psychological benefits and help to improve self-esteem and confidence.

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Latest News on Breast Implants - There are several new forms of silicone implants.

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