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What is AMBIEN and how does it work?

AMBIEN sleeping pills induces sleep and causes relaxation. It is in a class of drugs called sedative/hypnotics or sleep medications. Ambien affects chemicals in your brain that may become unbalanced and cause insomnia. When taken as prescribed, AMBIEN sleeping pills can give you the good night's sleep so you can wake feeling rested and refreshed. It is used to treat sleep disorders such as trouble falling asleep, waking up many times during the night, or waking up too early in the morning.

AMBIEN helps restore your quality of sleep. It was introduced in Europe in 1988, and in the United States five years later. To date, more than 4 billion doses of AMBIEN have been prescribed worldwide.

AMBIEN is a short-term (7- to 10-day) prescription sleep aid. Longer-term use must be monitored closely by a doctor.

AMBIEN helps people suffering from insomnia fall asleep within 15 to 30 minutes. AMBIEN should only be taken when you are ready to go to sleep. Further, AMBIEN helps you stay asleep and not wake up too early. Avoid taking AMBIEN unless you are prepared to devote a full 7 to 8 hours to sleeping.