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5 Steps To Better Sleep
by Donald Saunders

If you've ever found yourself counting sheep into the wee hours, then you can take some small comfort from the fact that you’re not alone. Insomnia is plaguing more and more people each year and with the stresses of our daily lives, it's no surprise. For more than 75% of Americans polled by the National Sleep Foundation, getting a good night's sleep feels more like a distant dream than a reality.

Curing Insomnia - 7 Steps To Better Sleep
by Donald Saunders

Do you sit up at night not bothering to go to bed because you know you won’t sleep? Or, do you climb into bed and then toss and turn getting more and more frustrated because sleep won’t come? If so, don’t despair because help is at hand. Whether you are suffering from short-term, transient insomnia or longer-term chronic severe insomnia, curing insomnia is simpler than you might think.

Sleep Apnea - An Extremely Common and Dangerous Sleep Disorder
by Donald Saunders

Sleep apnea refers to a sleep disorder characterized by the interruption of breathing during sleep, such that respiration stops for ten or more seconds, cutting off valuable oxygen supplies to the brain. This interruption of the body’s breathing cycle can recur hundreds of times each night, with potentially fatal results. Even more alarming, sleep apnea, the most dangerous of all sleep disorders, also represents one of the most commonly identified sleep disorders, affecting as many as eighteen million Americans each year.