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Overcome Depression Naturally

Depression can have a number of triggers, including a reaction to a stressful time in a person's life, medical conditions or even hereditary illness. Because there are many different types of depression that can be experienced by sufferers, there are also many different drugs that can be taken to suppress the depression. Drugs, however, are not the only method for coping with depression. It has been noted that patients who use alternative therapies are more likely to be able to cope long-term with their illness, rather than using medication that will suppress the feelings for short periods of time instead of helping to resolve them.

Natural therapies are ideal for mild to moderate depression. Before beginning to incorporate a natural alternative or stop taking anti-depression medications prescribed to you, it is recommended that you speak with your doctor. It is also important to tell your doctor about any natural medications that you plan to take.

What You Can Do Regular exercise is one of the best remedies for depression. It doesn't cost anything and can be done around any schedule. By exercising, you are releasing endorphins into your body that will help reduce stress and give you a sense of well being.

Meditation or relaxation exercises are another feel-good remedy that will help you to reduce your stress and give you a feeling of calm and balance. Relaxation techniques will also help reduce the tension found in your muscles, making your body feel relaxed, as well as your mind. Psychotherapy is another non-medication treatment that will help you understand and cope with your underlying issues causing depressive reactions and take steps to resolve them completely. Lifestyle Habits Altering dietary habits can also assist in naturally reducing stress. Foods that contain omega 3 and amino acids, such as SAMe, help to promote a feeling of well-being in the body. A range of healthy fresh fruits and vegetables will also help you to feel better.

Natural Herbal Medications Natural herbal preparations can also be beneficial, taken in conjunction with a well balanced diet and exercise regimen to enhance the feeling of wellness and give your body the needed nutrients that may be triggering your feelings of depression. Some of the best types of herbal preparations for relieving depression are St Johns Wort, Vitamin B with folic acid, Bergamot and flax seed oil. What To Avoid While some foods are beneficial to our health and aid in keeping depression at bay naturally. There are some foods and beverages that are known to trigger or make the effects of depression worse, so these foods and beverages need to be avoided.

Medications such as sedatives and antihistamines are mood altering. They should be avoided at all times while suffering from depression. Other things to watch out for are alcohol, caffeine and nicotine, which are also mood-altering substances. If you are serious about taking a natural approach for your depression, make sure that you are well informed and seek the very best advice available to help you to get back on track.

Shari Ode is a web designer and marketer with a keen interest in Natural Health and ongoing research into ways you can manage depression. Find out how you can make life changes now that will benefit you long term at http://www.depression.interestinginfoonline.com/

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