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Diamaxol is a propriety drug marketed and developed by MicroNutra Health incorporated. Diamaxol is designed to regulate blood sugar levels in people suffering from diabetes. Diamaxol is also believed to facilitate cell growth, increase insulin production, and is a mixture of natural extracts and essential minerals like zinc and chromium. Since Diamaxol is made from natural extracts it is easily absorbed by the body and compared to traditional medicines (that are designed to replace hormones like Insulin), Diamaxol controls diabetes by encouraging insulin synthesis and regulating blood sugar levels. To better understand the potential of Diamaxol, below is a list of the ingredients included in Diamaxol: Banaba Banaba leaf extracts have been used for diabetes control in the Philippines for a long time and have multiple active ingredients.

Although there have been no studies that have examined the effects of Banaba leaf extracts on humans, there has been a study on corosolic acid. Corosolic acid is an ingredient found in Banaba leaf extracts and studies have shown that corosolic acid can help control type II diabetes in humans. Banaba leaf extracts are also sold separately in many countries as a potent diabetes control substance.

Bitter Melon (Momordica charantia) Bitter melon extracts have been used in Asian countries for a variety of purposes, and bitter melon extracts have been known to control blood sugar levels in people suffering form diabetes. Although the claim that bitter melon is a cure for diabetes is far from the truth, studies have shown that bitter melon extracts help improve diabetes related problems. Cinnamon USDA research indicates that cinnamon reduces the amount of insulin necessary for glucose metabolism. Studies have shown that cinnamon and a closely related plant Cassia can be used for treating type II diabetes. Cinnamon is usually used in conjunction with other plant extracts to increase its effectiveness. Gymnema Sylvestre Gymnema Sylvestre is an herb that has been used to treat diabetes for nearly 2000 years.

The effects of Gymnema Sylvestre extracts are still being studied, but Gymnema Sylvestre has been known to reduce a person's sugar craving. Extensive use of Gymnema Sylvestre extracts reduces a person's blood sugar and Gymnema Sylvestre extracts are useful in treating type II diabetes. Recent studies have also shown that Gymnema Sylvestre extracts stimulate insulin secretion in the body. In essence, Gymnema Sylvestre controls diabetes by reducing a person's sugar craving and by improving insulin secretion in the body. Huckleberry Huckleberry extracts have been used by Native Americans for improving digestion and to cure everyday ailments for centuries.

Huckleberry extracts strengthen a person's immune system and also improve capillary circulation to various body parts. There have been no studies that co-relate huckleberry extracts and diabetes, but huckleberry extracts are now a common ingredient in many diabetes control medicines. Biotin Known as vitamin B7, biotin plays a vital role in the body's break down and synthesis of glucose.

Studies have shown that people suffering from type II diabetes have low levels of Biotin and preliminary studies have shown that increasing biotin consumption can help in controlling type II diabetes. Zinc and Chromium Contrary to popular belief, both zinc and chromium are essential minerals. Zinc and chromium both play a vital role and are essential ingredients in the production of insulin. Zinc helps protect the insulin receptor cells and when zinc levels are low the body does not produce enough insulin. The lack of insulin in the body reduces the body's absorption of glucose and thus increases a person's blood sugar. Since, Diamaxol contains only traces of zinc it is safe for everyday consumption.

Like zinc, chromium too is an essential mineral and trivalent chromium (Cr3+) is used by the body to metabolize glucose. Both zinc and chromium are added in minute quantities to Diamaxol thus protecting the body from any kind of heavy metal poisoning.

Curtis McCoy is the author of this article on Diamaxol. Find more information about Diamaxol Side Effectshere.

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